Network to Unlock Your Net Worth

EPISODE 1. AIR DATE: Thursday, October 18, 2018

New ways for networking are popping up every day. From happy hour events, to conferences, to Facebook groups and Twitter Chats. The opportunities are endless.

But how do you make these networking opportunities worth your while? 

And if you’re an introvert, how can you network to unlock your net worth?

▸ New Ways to Network Online
▸ 4 Successful Networking Tips
▸ Tips for Introverts
▸ Must-Attend Conferences for Marketers


Jenn Herman, Stephanie Liu and Mike Allton started the show, with Amanda Robinson joining a few minutes in. Mike introduced the topic and they immediately got into the discussion.

How Do You Grow Your Online Network and Build Relationships?

Mike Allton started by explaining that he takes the long game approach to networking, and does not try to launch into a sales pitch as soon as he makes a new connection.

Jenn Herman added that she strives to be generous with her time and as helpful to others as possible. Whether that’s doing an Instagram Live where she teaches and fields questions, or participating in groups, etc.

Shout out to Demian Ross and his Road to 300 videos.

How Can Introverts Handle Event & Conference Networking?

Mike shared that he is an ambivert. A big part of the reason he’s able to do Live Video or attend massive events like Social Media Marketing World – activities that most introverts would shun – is because he set himself up for success from the beginning.

Networking event on the U.S.S. Midway at Social Media Marketing World.
Networking event on the U.S.S. Midway at Social Media Marketing World.

Jenn shared that she’s extremely extroverted and therefore makes a point to watch for people who maybe aren’t as comfortable and make them feel welcome and a part of the group.

Stephanie Liu pointed out that it’s all about food and the #FoodFunnel.

Stephanie then shared how great it is to have someone with you at a conference to help you, particularly if you have a lot of gear or things to carry around.

Amanda Robinson shared that she too likes to find conference buddies that she can connect to and be part of conversations with. She also pointed out it’s not necessary to network with everyone.

Jenn suggested that most conferences have groups or hashtags or other means to help identify people who are attending in advance and schedule a time to meetup with them.

Jenn also shared how she will find a convenient table at a large conference and allow people to find her and have conversations with her, and Mike had the same experience.

Amanda then talked about the importance of putting in the effort not just up front at an event, but then to continue that throughout the rest of the year so that those relationships grow.

Jenn explained the technique of leaving space in a group of people talking – instead of a closed circle, a half or open U – allowing other people to join in.

Other Tips For Introverts To Network At Events & Conferences

Mike pointed out the importance of recognizing the fact that you are

  • Don’t feel pressured to spend the entire evening networking.
  • Take advantage of other activities sometimes offered.
  • Take frequent breaks

Jenn then talked about a friend of hers that deliberately gets her own hotel room, rather than save money by rooming with a friend, so that she has a solitary place to retreat to.

Some conferences even offer a specifically designed quiet space.

Amanda shared how she’s taking online networking and relationships she’s formed and turning those into real life opportunities.

How Do You Make Yourself Memorable And Your Networking More Effective At Events?

Amanda explained how she uses ChatBots to create real-life connections with people she meets, rather than giving away business cards.

Amanda and Jenn also shared how they have specific wardrobe choices that they’re consistent with year after year.

One great networking tactic is to take selfies with people, post it to Facebook, and ask them if you can tag them. It immediately creates a post and Facebook connection upon which you can build after the conference.

Amanda also stressed the importance of being open to whatever people and meetings and opportunities and relationships that might happen.

Jenn suggested that if you’re going to take a business card, be sure to write something on the business card right away to remember that person and their significance.

You can also be more creative with your business cards and have different ones with different images or sayings and use those to start conversations.

What Networking Conferences To Attend In 2019

The group then discussed many of the conferences they’re speaking at or planning to attend in 2019, including:

  • Social Media Marketing World,
  • Midwest Digital Marketing Conference
  • Social Media Week Lima
  • Social Media Day San Diego
  • NAMM
  • and potentially events like Content Marketing World, Inbound, Atomicon, Traffic & Conversion, and more

Road to Social – the road trip fronted by Amanda, Demian Ross, Brian Fanzo and Chris Strubb, was also discussed, along with the 2019 edition.

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