Jenn Herman

My name is Jenn Herman – yes, that’s Jenn with two “n”s. If you grew up in the 80s you probably had at least 4 or 5 Jen’s in every class! So, it became important to differentiate ourselves and I became two-n-Jenn.

I currently live in San Diego and I am so blessed to call this city home! I’m originally from Canada, having lived in Victoria, BC, northern Alberta, and Ottawa, Ontario but came to the US in 2003. I am a SoCal girl through and through and now officially complain when the temperature drops below 70 degrees! 

I am also a mom, having welcomed my daughter in August 2015. While I don’t want to overwhelm you with her cuteness, I do share some photos of her on my Instagram account and talk about her in my email newsletters. I hope you enjoy seeing her grow up and getting a glimpse into that aspect of my life.

Over my various jobs and careers I have garnered a unique perspective on business and what drives success. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry and retail industry as well as customer service and sales. I have won awards for my customer service skills and how those skills have helped the companies I worked for. I have learned the utmost value of true customer service and believe that all successful businesses are built on great customer service. I have also worked in the corporate world and in the government contract industry in both land systems and aerospace sectors, holding positions in administrative capacities, HR, marketing, and IT. All of these positions have helped me understand how decisions in one department can affect so many others. I bring this knowledge and awareness to all of my marketing tactics and training to ensure my clients see success with their online marketing efforts.

While the majority of my sales and marketing experience is hands-on education, I am actually a pretty educated smarty-pants too. I thoroughly believe we never stop learning and strive to learn something new every day. It might surprise you to find out that my undergrad is actually in Biology. I graduated from the University of Victoria, having studied my butt off to get that degree, all while working every weekend during school, and working two jobs every summer to pay for that education. I then completed my Master’s in Forensic Science (the reason I moved to San Diego) in 2005, graduating in the top 5 percentile of my class. You may be wondering how a science dork like me ended up with a business in social media marketing, and you wouldn’t be the first one! All I can say is, “life happens”

I love working with people and coaching or teaching others to maximize their skills. I’m always looking for ways I can help others achieve their business goals. I tend to be a perfectionist and insist on giving customers my best product every time. In order to be this tedious, I am hyper organized and always have an abundance of to-do lists and checklists on my desk. Seriously, sticky notes are my favorite thing! I firmly believe that organization is the key to success. I am also, however, a creative person and enjoy bringing my design and artistic contributions to everything I do. On my down time, which as a single mom to a little girl I have very little down time, I like to use my creative whims to bake or find other crafty things to do. I am obsessed with holidays and creating memories and traditions for my daughter so I get a little crazy around all the major holidays.

Since starting Jenn’s Trends in 2013, I have become a globally recognized expert in Instagram marketing and the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing. My blog has won the prestigious award of being a Top 10 Social Media Blog three years in a row: 2014, 2015, and 2016.

I have had the honor of speaking at multiple social media conferences, teaching business owners like you the value of Instagram and social media to grow your business. I have been featured in a variety of media and publications including major media articles, radio interviews, podcasts, magazines, and guest blogs. I have taught countless webinars and training events designed to help businesses of all sizes succeed online.

My goal in my blogs is to bring you relevant social media and business trends and discuss their applications, implications, and benefits. I will write from my perspective about the things I enjoy and use regularly. You will see that my writing style is casual and detailed. Be warned, brevity is NOT my strength. And my long-winded posts often reflect that. When I write a how-to post, it will be clear, detailed, and as helpful as possible. I also write with sarcasm, random rants, and other feelings. I believe that you should feel like you and I are really sitting down, having a conversation when you read my posts. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my articles!